It always starts innocently. 

“How to write my first book” typed into Google. Search. 

A bit later, “How to get published.” I’m feeling lucky.

Three hours later you emerge from the fog more confused than you were when you started. You found blog posts that say small presses are better than the big names and think pieces that claim the big ones are tried and true. 

You’ve read all of the “Top 10 Ways” to be a better writer, to get attention now and make your first book a bestseller!

Somewhere in the middle things took a dark turn and the Google Overlords decided that you’re actually not as talented as you thought and the world would be better off without your writing, thank you very much.

Now you’re just wallowing as you try to decide if you should buy the hiking boots and pull a Cheryl Strayed or take the Elizabeth Gilbert route and go for the plane tickets so you can go somewhere and get your Eat, Pray, Love on. (The latter might be harder on the pockets but it would definitely be easier on your feet.)

Either way, both those options seem more likely than getting that publishing deal.

Admit it. You’ve been there.

And on top of that, if you have to sit through one more dinner and answer one more question about when your novel or memoir will be in the corner bookstore, you may just take a page out of Hemmingway’s book and pick up the gin martini that has been calling your name.


Put. The. Gin. Down. (And pick up the champagne!)

Your days of arbitrary Googling and questionable advice from the friend of a friend whose aunt used to work in publishing are over. 

The Magical Writers group is here to save the day! Huzzah!

The Magical Writer's group is here to save the day! 

I know, I know.

It seems like there is a tiny handful of people who know all the answers to our writing and publishing questions. And you, likely still working on finishing up your first book, are not exactly in the know. 

More than that, the insiders don’t seem to be all that interested in opening any doors for you.

That is the whole reason I started this group, to save awesome new writers from making costly mistakes and give you straight answers to your burning questions from the mouths of publishers, agents and best-selling authors who have already done everything you’re trying to accomplish.

I’ll tell you a bit more about the group in a moment. But first, let me introduce myself.

About Crystal-Lee:

Hi, I’m Crystal-Lee Quibell. I run the Literary Speaking podcast and I’m the Head Witch in Charge of Magical Writers. I started this group after making more mistakes and wasting more money that I care to admit in my own journey as a first-time author. 

I know what it’s like to spend thousands upon thousands of my hard-earned dollars to hire a writing coach and editor only to find out that in the end that I hired the wrong person and their lack of knowledge left me with a memoir was half edited and twice as long as any agent would ever accept.

I know what it’s like to go it alone.

I started to the Magical Writers group to foster a supportive (and well-connected) community that I wish I had when I started out. This is a place where writers like you can meet fellow members who will encourage you as you work to meet your goals and get you unstuck when you hit a wall. But beyond that, this is also a place where you will have direct access to best-selling authors, literary agents and independent publishers teeming with advice for new authors like you.

This is for you if:

  • You’re new to the publishing game and the best contact you have is Google. 
  • You’re in the writing or editing stages of your first or second book and need some guidance to help you get it done and figure out what’s next.
  • You want to be among an encouraging group of writers who will give you feedback and push you to be greater.
  • You want advice and answers to your specific question from best-selling authors, literary agents and publishers. But… you may not know many of them at the moment.
  • You’re tired of wondering if the advice you’re getting is sound or the editors, agents and coaches you are thinking about hiring really know the business.
  • You really want to learn how to send a query, find an agent or get published and you’re sick and tired and squandering half your life trying to muddle through confusing and conflicting information.

The Magical Writers group is exactly what you’ve been hoping to conjure up! This is the best place to get connected to the right people and really learn the business.

Box of Tricks (Features)

Here’s the rundown of exactly what you’ll get every month:

Bi-monthly formal question and answer calls: I’ll be available to go deep and answer every question you can think of, point you in the right direction for trustworthy resources and give you feedback on your writing.

Weekly Facebook Livestreams: These are a bit more informal. At least twice a week, I’ll share some of the best insight my industry friends have ever given me and chat about what group members are working on and struggling with. The more questions you have, the more often I’ll go live.

Guest Experts: Once a month, experienced guest authors, agents, small press owners or publishers will join the group. The themed calls will be followed by a live question and answer portion where the pros answer your exact questions in real time.

Downloadable Resources: Want to read a sample query? Want step-by-step instructions for what to say and what not to say to an agent. We’ll be creating new resources every month. Soon the Google haze that started this all will be a thing of the past and all the best information will be right here in one place.

Private Facebook Group: Once you’re in, we have also created a private Facebook Group just for the Magic Writers. While you will be able to communicate with fellow members in the membership zone, we wanted to take things a step further and make it possible to connect on Facebook as well. This is where we will host our livestreams and also where you have a chance to build lasting friendships with other members and guests.

Accountability: I’ll always be just a message away along with other writers in the group. I believe in a reciprocity. As you help other writers, you can count on them to read your work and give feedback too. Members will help you get unstuck, help you set and meet your writing goals and overall remove some of the isolation that goes hand in hand with being a writer.

Special Sign up Offer Until May 1st Launch 

$19.99 for the first month, Normal cost $49.99/monthly, If paying annually, $499.99 (That gets you two months free)